We are getting ready to ship the EH

We are nearly ready to ship the EH.  Everything is coming together and we will be taking the car to the shippers next Tuesday (April 2).  All the mechanical items have been checked and double checked and the car is looking great.  It looks so good that we had to get some high quality photography done before it goes, so that we can put together a number of “before and after” shots when we return from our adventure.

IMG_3952 - Version 4We will be publishing these “before” shots soon but here is a sample.  This is a “publicity” shot that we will use on some of future web pages.

We are nearly ready to ship the EH


OG2P_picLots of busy days as we lead up to the EH going into the container. Great news as well as we are given an extra week and now don’t have to have the car to the shipper until Easter Tuesday. In the interim Ras, Ryan and Dave at Vintage and Classic Garage in Clayton have been working feverishly to get the final preparation done. Mike spent some time on Monday at the workshop and we completed the bash plates, clutch master cylinder reinforcement, rerouting of the diff breather, extra sunvisor, installation of the Monit Rally computer wheel stud sensor etc, etc. Mike brought the car home on Monday evening.

One last checkup………

Today the EH has gone to Ras at Vintage and Classic Garage in Clayton for final fitting of the bash plates, slight rerouting of the exhaust, idler arm check and a myriad of small details. We hope to get the car back on Friday so then there can be a week of testing and “fettling” prior to shipment.

The tools list

ToolsRing/open end AF, Ring/ring AF, Linesmans pliers, Needle nose pliers, Large and small vice grips, Phillips screwdriver, Plain screwdriver, AF socket set 1/2″ drive, AF socket set 3/8″ drive, Set of pry bars, 18 mm deep socket 1/2″ drive, Crescent wrench large and small, Hammer ball pein, Leatherman, Hex keys AF and metric, Safety glasses, Folding chocks, Cold chisels, Rubber mallet, Hacksaw

The Spares List

SparesFlat pack bucket, Warning triangle, Tow rope, 2 spare wheels and tyres, 2 fire extinguishers, First aid kit, Ground sheet, Hi vis jacket, Hand held torch, 2 head torches, 1 wiper blade, Bosch coil, Bungee straps, 1/2″, 3/8″, 1/4″ plastic tube, 2 x Water containers 5 litre, 2 x Petrol containers 10 litre, Compressor and fittings, Jack, Wheel nuts and studs, Chain, Long bolts/washers/nuts/D shackles, Jubilee clip assortment, Puncture repair kit, Assorted bolts/nuts/washers/copper washers/fibre washers, Rubber grommets, Jumper leads, Worklight, Folding shovel, 2 x 5 litre Engine oil, Brake fluid, Zip ties, Araldite, Loctite 565, Loctite other?, Dow Corning Silastic, WD 40, Riggers gloves/ disposable gloves, Hand cleaner/wipes, Alternator repair kit, Spark plugs and two leads, Light bulbs, Fuses, Spare keys, Front shock absorber, Rear shock absorber, 1tie rod end, 1 upper ball joint, 1 idler arm, 1 rear wheel bearing, 2 front wheel bearings, Fuel pump, Fan belt, Radiator hoses top and bottom, Electrical tape, Gaffa tape, Gorilla tape, Oil filter, Air filter, Rainex

Final check on the EH has been done

Yesterday Dave Malkin and Mike put the EH on the hoist and went over it with a fine tooth comb, Dave explaining to Mike which nuts to check on a daily basis etc. No real damage found and it was pleasing to note that when the car was driven on the rough track last Friday, the rear suspension bottomed out with hardly any damage. Storage of items in the cabin is now definitely in canvas bags strapped to the floor on either side of the old rear seat. Spares and tools at the bottom, clothing, tents etc above.

A few hiccups on our test run

Over the last few days we have been sorting out the usual minor problems. Today we ventured out to the bush at the back of Anglesea for some gravel and off road testing.
Accompanied by Dave Malkin, his friend Ray Saunders (4wd expert extraordinaire) and our visitor from UK John Love we took on some serious roads.IMG_0904 IMG_0903 IMG_0902 IMG_0898 IMG_0905 All well and good with panic stops and high speed work on good gravel roads we then proceeded off road (after a fashion!).
All went well until the return up a very steep and very rutted hill where the poor car slipped into a big rut and broke the idler arm on the steering as well as a bit of panel damage on the lower left front corner.
So Dave and Ray repaired into Geelong for a replacement part whilst Mike and John waited in the bush for their return, only 3 hours!
Part procured, towed up the hill by the accompanying LandCruiser and home in time for a thorough wash and dinner.


We are back on the road

Back on the road! Sorted the leak from the clutch master cylinder fitting and happy with all of the clutch operation. Now to spend time with spares and tools lists. Only 20 days until the EH goes in the container!

A slight hiccup

Big day yesterday and today.

Not happy with the routing of the hydraulic lines to the internal clutch throwout bearing so Dave Malkin, Mike and friend and visiting Brit John Love worked all afternoon to remove the gearbox (in the process starter, exhaust, hand brake cable etc etc!) and then Dave was able to work his magic and make a much more satisfactory setup. Almost done by dinner time.

Come this morning Dave and Mike ready to finish it off and we break a bolt holding a selector rod. Panel holding selector forks removed, into North Geelong Transmissions where Ivan provided us with a new piece. All back together by lunch time and then……..a leak from the base of the clutch master cylinder.
We’ll finish it Monday!