Car show in the Saratov Square

Russians getting picsAfter arriving in Saratov, we took part in a Classic Car Show in the town square.

They capped the carpark at 2200 visitors and soon this was full.  As well as the Rally cars on display there were also cars from the local car clubs.

At 10pm there were still people pouring into the square as Latin music played over the public speakers.  A great night indeed.Full Saratov Square

Saratov Classic Car Club.

Saratov Classic Car Club.

Truck crash in Russia

photo 2Came across this on the way out of Novosibirsk on our way to Omsk today.

2-trucks side-swiped each other putting one off the road and on its side.

The main roads today have been very dangerous, and not helped with endless rain squalls.

photo 1It’s just like the russian accident compilations you see on YouTube! :-)

This is what happens at night in Mongolia????

Day 11:5Our special correspondents have been able to infiltrate the camp in Mongolia to see what the boys get up to at night after they setup their tent.

A quiet night reading, studying maps and getting a lot of sleep.???

I don’t think so based on this picture we have of them in the beer tent after the sun goes down.

It will be sad to leave Mongolia

UuregLakeAfter nearly nine days in Mongolia it will be with some sadness that the boys get ready to leave this great country and head towards Russia and another part of the adventure.

Mongolia brought with it great scenery, friendly people and very rough roads (tracks). The amazing thing was that there were very few withdrawals and it will be sad to see some competitors go home early. They will be missed.

Although we had major problems (burnt out clutch) early on in Mongolia, we have made up a lot of time and are now ready to have further success in Russia.